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31 Reasons why your Real Estate Agent is worth their commission. REASON 21


Reason 21: They have access to valuable resources

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Today’s modern real estate agent is well-equipped when it comes to helpful resources. They silently perform a multitude of tasks simultaneously using the latest technology and gadgetry. While your agent is showing you that beautiful home you’ve had your eye on, your agent quite possibly may have scheduled your home to be shown at the exact same time. They communicate with other agents, lenders, inspectors, etc.. in real time, gathering valuable feedback, while seamlessly pointing out the features of the home you are being shown that meet your specific criteria.

Using their exclusive resources they also have the ability to dig deep and learn exactly how your home should be priced correctly the first time, which is one of the biggest mistakes that are made by sellers. Pricing your home to high or to low could cost you thousands of dollars and possibly waste a lot of time.



-Sandra S. Sibley, P.A.,-150,724




31 Reasons why your Real Estate Agent is worth their commission. REASON 20


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Reason 20: The juice is worth the squeeze

Have you ever thought “You made how much on my closing? Nobody is worth that kind of money!”? Well agents have heard that many times from their customers. The funny this is, is that kind of comment is usually coming from the customer they probably just saved from buying a home with a cracked foundation. Keep this in mind the next time you have that thought, a single number on a single line of a multiple-lined accounting statement doesn’t represent your agent’s entire business. Maybe that agent did make $30,000 from the closing of a million-dollar home, but that isn’t their bottom line. It’s no different that the sales price isn’t the bottom line for the seller.

If your a business owner you know all to well that there are always many expenses to doing business. Some of the expenses for a professional agent are quite hefty. To reach those sellers, buyers, and agents, they spend thousands of dollars a month to advertise their services and to build their network to sell your home or to find you the home of your dreams. MLS dues, gas, rewards to loyal clients, lunches, broker dues, insurance, listing pictures, signs, Google ads, open houses, print material, events, mail outs, radio, ads, flyers, meetings, websites, lead funnels, and countless of other mediums they use to display your home or to find you that perfect home for you.



Sandra S. Sibley, P.A. 6/2018


31 Reasons why your Real Estate Agent is worth their commission. REASON 19


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Reason 19: Loyalty is priceless

Everybody needs someone like Tenzing Norgay. Sir Edmund Hillary was the first person on record to reach the summit of Mt Everest, Norgay was his Sherpa that kept pushing him to keep going while carrying his pack! Few people have heard of Tenzing Norgay; but Sir Hillary received a knighthood for this accomplishment. Quote from Nation Geographic’s excerpt on the first ever successful summit reach. “Now, the British were determined to bring every possible advantage to their spring 1953 offensive– including hiring Tenzing, age 38, as their lead Sherpa”.

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That, is what you professional real estate agent does for you. They namelessly fight for you to reach the summit. Once contracting with a licensed agent, they not only are required by law to look after your best interests, they willingly offer you their loyalty.

The duty of loyalty is one of the most fundamental and important duties of the professional Real Estate Agent. This duty obligates them to act at all times solely in the best interests of their customers to the exclusion of all other interests, including their own self-interests. An agent is is also obligated to safeguard their customers confidence and secrets and to keep private any information that might weaken their bargaining position.
Don’t you deserve your own Tenzing Norgay?
Sandra S. Sibley, P.A. 6/2018,-150,724


31 Reasons why your Real Estate Agent is worth their commission. REASON 18



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REASON 18:      Over-Thinking Anything is More Taxing Than Physical Labor.

The brain is a muscle just as your thighs and biceps are.  As you know, over used muscles can get sore, hurt, and need recuperation.  Well, your brain needs that rest as well.  Over analysis of the plethora of details that come with home buying and selling can stress even the most educated of people.  Peace of mind is more valuable that any commission you will ever pay.

My daughter has a friend that chose to sell her home ‘for sale by owner’.  Like most people, she didn’t realize all the details that came with selling a home.  It wasn’t necessarily the flood of paper work that did her in, though all those legal documents were definitely overwhelming, it was the negotiating with the buyers and their ever changing timelines that really did her in.  The buyers knew this was her first time selling and took advantage of the situation.  For almost four months after reaching an agreement on price there were ever changing deadlines and details, playing on her emotions, constant text messages and e-mails, and using guilt to get what they wanted and to keep her hooked.  Regret is a mild word for how she felt, especially after realizing that she got less out of her home than she should have.

Do your peace of mind a favor, focus on your bottom line and leave the fight to the professional.  The right agent for you will never stop fighting for your best interests.  And remember, if you’re the buyer you don’t pay anything at all to have that professional represent you.  Don’t you deserve someone in your corner fighting for you?





– Sandra S. Sibley, P.A., June 2018

31 Reasons why your Real Estate Agent is worth their commission. REASON 16 & 17


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REASON 16:     They Plan Their Work and Work Their Plan.

Strategy is the ultimate master in real estate sales.

Experience provides that extra 5% difference that leads to your 26% better return on your home investment. Full time agents take continuing education courses every year to learn the latest ‘edge’ in the market. Through our associations, we know every new gadget or tool that gives your property the competitive edge. Utilizing your professional agent means you are utilizing the latest and best information on the market.

REASON 17:     You Can’t Learn What Your Agent Knows from Google.

The profession of a real estate broker is a closed, esoteric system.

Just searching the answers to any state or national real estate test cannot teach you everything your pro knows. You might be able to Google how to fill out a contract, but then what? Even if you could find every question and answer that could potentially come up from showing to closing, how long will that take you? Sure, you could paint your own house to save the $6000 the pro quoted, but after you buy $2000 worth of supplies, take times off your profession, spend a week prepping and painting, then two more days of clean-up…have you really saved anything? And is the outcome as professional as it would have been with the painter who has painted thousands of homes?

31 Reasons why your Real Estate Agent is worth their commission. REASON 14 & 15


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REASON 14:     They’re Professional Deal Makers.

Common sense might make you think that a professional salesperson’s talents apply across any industry, but nothing can be further from the truth.

We would never think for a second that we could sell a car as well as a person that does it every day. True, a natural salesperson might be able to win the confidence of the potential buyer, but what is the next step? Do they know?

The next step might be the one that destroys the deal if handled incorrectly. Are you willing to take that risk?

REASON 15:     They’re Professional Negotiators.

Negotiating is different that making deals. This is generally done on the back end, when the details come to the surface.

Sometimes, to get a deal to stay together, an agent might have to play hard ball, such as when the other side plays coy or drags their heels, potentially harming you, the client.

Negotiating takes a lot of practice. Most people are just not prepared for the game. Are you? If not, then a realtor might be the best thing for your sale.




31 Reasons why your Real Estate Agent is worth their commission. REASON 12 & 13


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REASON 12:    Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

We’ve heard it a thousand times. In fact, we say it every time a bad actor gets a $20 million lead role, right?

Full time agents know which professionals to bring into the fold, from contractors to attorneys to CPA’s to painters, and which to avoid. They use these people and companies every day, most of the time for themselves at one time or another. You may only use or need them once, but a full time realtor has used these people and companies for years or even decades.

You need a pro that knows the pro.

REASON 13:    Agents are like living Groupons.

Your agent can save you a lot more that just time. They can save you thousands! They know moving companies, inspectors, landscapers, roofers, painters, pest control pros, and dozens of others that are in the business of making money off of you. That means they also know which ones to stay away from.

Simply avoiding the rotten apples will definitely make that 6% commission, if your a seller, more affordable. Your agent can lead you in the right direction to not only save you money, but avoid unscrupulous service businesses.




31 Reasons why your Real Estate Agent is worth their commission. REASON 11


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They know what is broken about our system.

This is probably one of the strongest reasons to utilize an agent.

Full time agents know what the industry pitfalls are and where the traps lie, such as pitfalls that can be created by government.

Appraisals are one of the biggest traps we have faced in the last decade. Dodd-Frank regulations have put all sellers at a disadvantage. But great agents use their knowledge and skills to find a solution. Countless deals have been saved by those agents because they go the extra mile and bring the correct comps to the appraiser, helping to shape their opinion on pricing and maintain an upward trajectory of home value.

So why possibly fall into a frustrating trap when you have access to someone that knows them all and how to fit them? And remember, if your a buyer, we don’t cost you a thing!



31 Reasons why your Real Estate Agent is worth their commission. REASON 10


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Many hands make for a light load.

If you already know that the stats say an agent will most likely net you 26% more on the bottom line, then let someone else do the work!

Focus on all the details that need to happen both professionally and personally when you make a move, and delegate.

Relax, and let a trusted professional do the heavy lifting for you. It takes dozens of moving parts just to bring several adults to a closing table. Why make moving more stressful than it already is? After all, you have a full life beyond trying to sell your home…Enjoy it.



31 Reasons why your Real Estate Agent is worth their commission. REASON 9


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Direct access to all the answers.

Henry Fo0rd once said, “Let me remind you that I have a row of electric buttons in my office. All I have to do is press one of them to call the person who can answer any question on any subject I wish to know, relative to the business at hand.”

Real estate agents are surrounded with direct access to brokers, mentors and others who have expertise about any part of the transaction. If they don’t have the answers, it is likely that someone else in their inner circle does.