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31 Reasons why your Real Estate Agent is worth their commission. REASON 20


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Reason 20: The juice is worth the squeeze

Have you ever thought “You made how much on my closing? Nobody is worth that kind of money!”? Well agents have heard that many times from their customers. The funny this is, is that kind of comment is usually coming from the customer they probably just saved from buying a home with a cracked foundation. Keep this in mind the next time you have that thought, a single number on a single line of a multiple-lined accounting statement doesn’t represent your agent’s entire business. Maybe that agent did make $30,000 from the closing of a million-dollar home, but that isn’t their bottom line. It’s no different that the sales price isn’t the bottom line for the seller.

If your a business owner you know all to well that there are always many expenses to doing business. Some of the expenses for a professional agent are quite hefty. To reach those sellers, buyers, and agents, they spend thousands of dollars a month to advertise their services and to build their network to sell your home or to find you the home of your dreams. MLS dues, gas, rewards to loyal clients, lunches, broker dues, insurance, listing pictures, signs, Google ads, open houses, print material, events, mail outs, radio, ads, flyers, meetings, websites, lead funnels, and countless of other mediums they use to display your home or to find you that perfect home for you.



Sandra S. Sibley, P.A. 6/2018