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Here are just some of Sandy’s testimonials about the exceptional service Sandy provides. Just take a look. You’ll be impressed.

03/28/2018 – Diane T.

Sandra could not have been more helpful when helping us with our purchase. We aren’t from the area, and she was very specific with where we should look, and sent us listings frequently. She was also very helpful when we encountered a small problem with closing. We would recommend her to anyone!!

03/15/2018 – Dorothy M.

Sandy is EXCEPTIONAL at her job. Her attention to detail and warmth, along with her incredible knowledge of the Venice area made selling our house easy. And fun! I would recommend Sandy at the highest level for any real estate transaction. A+ services!

03/13/2018 – Jane H.

Sandra is personable, a good listener and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling real estate in Venice, Florida.

03/10/2018 – Desiree H.

My husband and I really enjoyed working with Sandra. She explained things very well to us and made our move less stressful. We were moving from out of state and she really handled any issues that came up while we were not here very professionally. We would recommend Sandra to anyone looking for a competent and knowledgeable realtor.

02/28/2018 – Aleta D.

The services Sandy provides are far beyond what I expected from a realtor. I moved here from Iowa. Months before I moved Sandy sent me updated homes on the market in the surrounding areas of Venice. She made looking for a home easy. When I made my move to Florida, she scheduled days to show me homes in my price range. She made buying a home a great experience. Sandy went above and beyond to help me with finding my prefect home.

08/01/2017 – D. Hadley

Sandy was very responsive to our calls and setting up appointments to see houses. She was always ready and waiting at the appointment before we arrived. Sandy is very easy to communicate with through texting, emails and by phone. It was a pleasure working with someone so efficient and knowledgeable and we would strongly recommend her services to anyone looking for a real estate agent.

06/17/2017 – aqmajane

Sandy is very professional and knowledgeable. Her advice and suggestions were very helpful, and she gave me time to think about decisions. Sandy was very easy to communicate with, and the outcome of the listing and sale of my father’s home was beneficial to both myself and the buyers. I highly recommend her services. Sandy is an experienced realtor, and she understands the real estate market in Venice, Florida.

05/18/2017 – Tina S.

Sandy is extremely knowledgeable of the Venice market and tuned in quickly with what my wife and I wanted and could afford. She did not waste our time just trying to sell us, but truly tailored the search to our specifics. She was very helpful with questions about the area and could make solid referrals for services since we were newbies to the area.

04/25/2017 – Sally A.

It was a pleasure to work with Sandy Sibley to fine the perfect property for me. Her knowledge, efficiency, services and advice helped to make this often stressful transition as easy as possible.

Larry & Sophia Glynn

From the very first visit of our interview with you to be our realtor, we felt a comfortable fit. Your very professional presentation, being so totally prepared with facts, comparisons of housing and appropriate paperwork for us to sign if we were interested in proceeding with you was beyond impressive. We were off and running with you within days when you held the first open house. While we were very pleased to have sold within four days, things moved so quickly for us it was hard not be overwhelmed at the beginning of this adventure. We learned through the course of this process how very professional you are and how well you do your job. You continued to steer us through the incredible amount of paperwork and responsibilities as sellers to get the job done. For those times when one or the other of us would feel overwhelmed your calm professional approach simply brought everything back to normal.

After our home was sold and once we decided to purchase rather than rent, you stepped into the role of advising us as buyers. As with selling, you were very prepared with appropriate properties that you thought we would interested in viewing. Your patience extended beyond the norm when you suggested that we go back and look at a property that was one of the first ones on the list that we had looked at and found appealing. That was an incredibly insightful move as it turned out to be the perfect property for us. And, once again, within a matter of days things began to move very quickly. During this time of being a seller of our home and looking forward to purchasing the condo, you continued to lead us through all of the necessary paperwork to make all of this happen; culminating in a dual closing of all properties involved. It was refreshing to be able to work with all persons; buyers, sellers, agents, loan officers in such an amicable way. What could have turned into the ultimate stressful scenarios were professionally and pleasantly avoided.

You have been exceptional, Sandy. We truly understand why you would be the premier property sales agent in any subdivision. We continue to be very grateful that you were our realtor and our friend through this process of our new chapter in our life.

01/18/2017 – Fred & Tish

Sandra is a professional. There are many realtors that want to make money from home sales; however, few understand client respect. Sandy communicates well. She listens and is a good conversationalist. Sandy knows how to diffuse any stressful situation with a swift kindness that results in a business like closure. She is moreover powerful in the Venice area community because she has developed a friendly network with other realtors. Sandy Sibley sold our home pronto because she made easy affordable suggestions that we followed. Excellent advice and service!

12/05/2016 – M. Mulhern

Both my daughter and I are new to the area. Sandy was so helpful in the process of selecting a new home for each of us. She is so skilled in her knowledge of area real estate and the process from start to finish. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommending her. She is professional yet personally involved with our needs and wants. Thank you Sandy!

10/06/2016 – Anne A.

I recently had the wonderful experience of working with Sandy on the sale of my parents house in Pine brook area of Venice. From our first initial meeting and through the entire process, Sandy was so friendly and very considerate of my parents limitations. She explained all aspects of the process in detail, was in constant communication, and was willing to jump in and assist with staging for the professional photographers pictures. With Sandy’s knowledgeable expertise, exceptional guidance, and mirage of services, the house was under contract within one week! My parents and I are very grateful to Sandy and highly recommend her. We feel we have made a new friend – one who is thoughtful and always has a smile on her face. Thank you Sandy!

08/22/2016 – Tom and Cathie B.

We met Sandy at an open house and took an immediate liking to her openness and professionalism. Upon contacting her for purposes of buying a home she was responsive, professional and honest with all of her interactions involved with our purchase through the closing on our new home. Sandy had an expert knowledge of the areas we searched and the nuances of living in Florida. We would not hesitate to recommend Sandy to others as a five star real estate agent.

06/09/2016 – C. Anderson

Recently, my aunt decided to sell her home in the Pinebrook area of Venice, Florida. As her devoted niece (and former realtor and current real estate investor) I was included in every part of the transactions of listing, selling and closing on her property. We interviewed several local realtors and immediately were blown away by Sandy! My aunt and I looked at each other before the interview was even over with the knowledge that we had found a true professional we wanted to work with. Her attention to detail, knowledge of the local market, use of a professional photographer (it makes a huge difference!) as well as her compassionate and thorough communication with my aunt were exemplary. Her years of experience in the Venice market combined with her hands-on hard work to make the transaction successful make Sandy someone I would HIGHLY recommend in a realtor. And, believe me, I know what it takes to be good at the job. Sandy is one of the best. And the icing on top was that the home was priced perfectly – and sold very quickly!

05/04/2016 – Bill W.

Sandy Sibley is an amazing realtor. She is very competent and passionate about her job. I appreciate her wonderful personality. She solved any small problems we had along the way with selling our property. She was always quickly available by phone, text or email. She made me much more comfortable in a process that, for some, can be stressful. She knows Venice and the surrounding area very well. She has many contacts in business that she is willing to share. We sold a property with her and we also found and bought a home through her. She is really nice and personable in addition to her skills as a realtor. I feel lucky to be acquainted and to have worked with her. Our family is happy and so I am happy. Thanks, Sandy!

Dean & Barbara Calamaras (Dean is a former Mayor of Venice)

Sandy was extremely helpful in selling our home recently and helping us to purchase another. She worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition. She is a dedicated professional and helpful in every aspect of the process of buying and selling. Her services are unmatched.

02/07/2016 – loanberg

Sandy is friendly, warm, professional and knowledgeable. She is an expert in Pinebrook South area. I have listed my house with her and certainly recommend anyone to call Sandy if they are selling or buying home in Venice, Florida. I am very pleased with her service.

02/04/2016 – T. Lanigan

Sandy worked with us to find our new home in Florida. She notified us immediately when a home came on the market we might be interested in. She was very prompt in showing us properties and responding to all our questions. Sandy is very knowledgeable of local communities. She helped through the entire process from finding a great home for us to closing. We would definitely recommend Sandy. She was great to work with!

12/16/2015 – M. Moore

An extremely skilled and competent agent is Sandy Sibley. Having just listed and sold our home with Sandy’s company, we feel she was very instrumental in our house selling in a timely manner. Her professionalism and attention to detail was above and beyond our expectations. We highly recommend her as an outstanding agent, whether selling or buying property in the Venice area.

09/26/2015 – Abbie T.

Our first interaction with Sandy was texting to inquire some information about a home ( we saw her sign) she contacted us within 5 minutes with the details. We were moving from Maine to Venice, Sandy sent us listings that matched our needs, she even went and video’d a home that was being auctioned, so we could decide if we wanted to make a site unseen offer. Her attention to detail saved us from possibly buying a home that would not have suited us. We arrived in Venice, she told us about the various neighborhoods, and we made an offer on a home with some folks that weren’t willing to negotiate. Sandy showed us comps and we decided to continue our search. We made an offer on another home, the offer was accepted and she worked with us through the closing. Sandy was willing and available to show us multiple houses, she worked with the mortgage company and the process was a pleasure! Sandy also provided recommendations for services: Painters, Hair stylists, veterinarians, and they’ve worked out wonderfully!

07/25/2015 – Ann F.

Sandy was tirelessly diligent, patient and professional in searching for my home with me for over a year. When we finally found my perfect house, in just the right place and in my price range, we signed the contract, had the inspections, and were so pleased, until the seller changed her mind and tried to back out of the deal. She actually fabricated a rather elaborate and dramatic story to play on sympathies and manipulate, which proved to be untrue. Sandy advocated for me, recommended the perfect local attorney, stood by me and the initially signed contract was enforced. I am in my home today, happy and so grateful that Sandy was caring, assertive and informed, and my agent! Her service is unparalelled.

Tim & Judi P.

As a retired Realtor, I know how important it is to quickly assess a buyer’s wants and needs. Since we were downsizing, Sandy was able to identify the perfect location and type of home we’d feel comfortable in. She was always available to patently answer any questions we had. Her affability and professionalism led us to our dream home and made our closing stress-free.

07/02/2015 – Kim and Brian

I called Sandy about a house I was interested in and she told me about three other homes available as well that might work. My husband is in a wheelchair and our search hasn’t been easy. She took uo out to see three houses and after looking at the first house that was all we needed. She is an amazing person and the level of service that she provides is amazing. We unfortunatly did not have an easy mortgage company, but she helped keep me & my husband calm. She went over and beyond helping us and still does. I will always have an amazing realtor and now an new amazing friend!!!!

06/18/2015 – R. Provencal

Sandy is a consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable in the real estate market. She was efficient and effective in making recommendations to get the house ready to put on the market and then to video and photograph the home for exposure. I was very pleased with the process, her responsiveness and the outcome. Great service!

06/07/2015 – Deborah P.

She does what she says she will do. She’s efficient, on time, professional, yet warm and genuinely concerned with everyone’s well being. She got me a fair price for the home I listed in less than 2 months. My son recommend her to me because he had worked with her and liked her service and the way she got things done. If you want a Realtor with amazing customer service, Sandy is it!

06/05/2015 – Elena D.

Working with Sandy was a pleasure! She was flexible and easily adapted to our changing needs and desires while shopping for our second home. Sandy was persistent, not pushy, efficient and experienced. Always enthusiastic, Sandy has a positive attitude which makes working with her fun!

06/03/2015 – Paula T.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience of Sandy as our Buyer’s Agent. She was thorough, diligent, and remarkably prompt at responding to our questions and requests. Sandy also displayed the perfect combination of professionalism and friendliness. She offered great advice when we asked for it, but didn’t attempt to influence us or push anything on us. Her knowledge of the Venice housing market is extensive and we would gladly work with her again. We would highly recommend Sandy to anyone looking for a realtor.

Rob and Annie N.

Once we decided we were going to start looking for a home we had to decide on a realtor and a company. Through recommendation we found Sandy. We contacted Sandy and got the ball rolling. Sandy put us in contact with a mortgage broker, and we established a “first home” budget. Once we established our price range we started shopping. This was great for us. Sandy was able to really see our vision of a first home. She went out of her way to really understand what we were looking for, and not just show us every house that fell into our price range. This was really great service on her part. Sandy really saw past the basics. We wanted 3+bedrooms, and 2+baths, a yard, a garage etc. Sandy was really able to get a feel for what suited us. We saw several homes before we found the ONE. Sandy being Sandy she had us shop for and decide upon a 2nd and 3rd back up house in case the contract on the ONE fell through. Well sure enough it did fall through. Once we worked past this issue Sandy was right there to get us into contract on house #2. Negotiations went well and this is the house we closed on and are living in right now. Great feeling to be owning instead of renting. All in All Sandy was great to work with. She found great houses in our price range, she never tried to “max out” our price range, she was quick with negotiations, and she made herself readily available even for the random night time questions. Overall our first time home buyers process went great with Sandy. Could not have been better. Sandy may be a very busy Realtor, but in dealing with her one on one you would never know it and that was the best part about our buying experience.

05/31/2015 – J. Nelson

The price we got for our home was exactly what she said it was worth. Her knowledge of our area was very helpful as well in determining a listing price to bring buyers to our home. Because of her great service, we were able to get a contract on our home in less than 2 weeks!

05/31/2015 – Dana H.

We had a wonderful experience with Sandy. She is extremely knowledgeable about the area, which came in handy because Florida has some very specific hurricane related requirements that impact homeowners insurance. She always communicated promptly and in detail about the status of our sale. Sandy is also very tech savvy, which was important because we live in a different state. List or buy with Sandy!

05/31/2015 – Ron S.

We were recently involved in a difficult settlement. All thru the buying process Sandy keep us informed, searched out the details and saw the settlement thru. Sandy’s knowledge of not only the market but all the buying/selling processes helped out everyone. I strongly recommend Sandy and her service for anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

05/27/2015 – J. Fall

Sandy assisted my wife and I in finding a home in Venice within two days of our first trip to and arrival in Venice. Very knowledgeable of the Venice area and surrounding communities. Very professional.

02/08/2015 – Seth F.

You only find out how good your Realtor is when something goes wrong. Sandy recently (2/2/15) assisted us in the purchase of a home in Venice in less than 30 days. Our plans for a home in Venice was on the rocks on 12/31/14 when we found out that the unit we purchased would not allow our 4 legged family member to live in our winter home. Sandy helped us document the incomplete disclosure of the sellers and their Realtor, find a new home, negotiate a new agreement. switch our mortgage application and close. Gracie is now enjoying her new Florida winter home. I can’t say enough about the level of service that Sandy provides. Truely top notch.

11/05/2014 – Phil H.

Sandy helped me and my wife buy our home long distance. We were living in North Carolina, vacationed here in Jan and Feb, when we met Sandy, who helped us through the entire process. She sent me listings online when we got back home, that I reviewed. Then we would talk about some of them. When we finally zeroed in on exactly what we wanted she helped us close the deal quickly and efficiently. She was the consummate professional. I would recommend her service to anyone.

10/28/2014 – D. Breiner

Sandy helped lead us through the trials and tribulations of getting our house ready, listing it, showcasing it in open house events, then quickly selling at a good price. She was great at staying connected and responded immediately to our phone calls or emails. She also kept us informed of what people thought of the home and things they saw as positives or negatives when they viewed it. At all times I found Sandy to be dependable, reliable, hard-working and conscientious in her relentless perseverance to the sale of our house, then advising and leading us though the closing process. I would highly recommend Sandy Sibley as a tremendous real estate agent.
To anyone considering selling a house and or purchasing another, I thoroughly recommend Sandy Sibley’s service as a real estate agent.

10/28/2014 – Susan T.

Sandy is the best realtor I have ever worked with. She sold our home in two weeks to people who saw it on line thanks to her wonderful photos, and immediately made an offer. They were clients of Sandy which shows that she is the best buying or selling. We accepted their offer, they flew to Florida to make sure and that was it. Best real estate service ever!

08/21/2014 – lcohoon

Sandy is a consummate professional. Her upbeat manner and honest approach to Real Estate are refreshing and highly effective. She is calm under pressure, fair, knowledgeable and always prompt returning calls or emails. Excellent marketing skills as well! Our home sold in 18 hours and closed 3 weeks later. It was a pleasure working with Sandy! Great person, great service, great results – winning combination!

08/14/2014 – Pamela Y.

Sandra ‘Sandy’ Sibley was a life-line during a time of distress. My father had passed & she came to the aid of selling his house. It was a complicated transaction as his estate was probated and there were 4 equal beneficiaries across the nation from which Sandy had to secure approvals & document signatures. Sandy is a consummate professional, but beyond that, she lent an open ear and supplied friendly support when needed. Knowing that she would respond to all our questions & needs was a true relief during a very difficult time. From the time we said, “Go”, Sandy hit the ground running. She wasted no time in getting a Marketing Analysis, listing the Property, having an Open House, and securing a buyer. During the preparation period she gave advice on simple & inexpensive ways to improve the property, all of which were spot on. I sincerely & whole-heartedly recommend Sandy and her exception service as your next Real Estate Agent. She knows how to get the job done!

07/25/2014 – Charli

Sandy is honest, thorough, friendly, and accomplished. She helped us find the kind of home we could afford, and we both love the house. I would use her again with no hesitation.

10/24/2011 – Pete N.

The service that Sandy provides is exceptional. She was easy to work with, even in a difficult situation like ours where we were out-of-town buyers. She is very responsive and considerate. I recommend her highly.

08/31/2011 – bff1960

Sandy is professional, courteous, and responsive to client needs. She listened to my requests and followed up in a positive and timely manner. Sandy was able to respond to most of my questions without consultation. However, when she did not know an answer, she sought out the right people to get answers. I found her sensitive and patient throughout the process. I would recommend her as your realtor.

08/31/2011 – EARTHSTAR22

Sandy and I have been working together for 2 years trying to get me to Asheville, NC from Santa Fe, NM. It’s been quite the adventure! We’ve gone through a lot together: many ups and downs with some being quite difficult. But, we finally did it and I will be moving to Asheville in 16 days! At last!
Throughout this entire process, working with Sandy has been an example of true teamwork. She has had my very best interests at heart every step of the way. Working at a great distance provided additional challenges and Sandy was unbelievably helpful and conscientious just as if she was “right next door”.
I simply could not have done any of this without her . She has a very special combination of qualities; being ” the quintessential professional” in conjunction with a very warm and caring nature. No client could ask for more. I certainly couldn’t and I am so grateful to have found this truly wonderful Realtor.
If you are looking to buy, to sell, rent or build, Sandy is the agent you want to be working with. She’s simply THE BEST!!