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31 Reasons why your Real Estate Agent is worth their commission. REASON 18



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REASON 18:      Over-Thinking Anything is More Taxing Than Physical Labor.

The brain is a muscle just as your thighs and biceps are.  As you know, over used muscles can get sore, hurt, and need recuperation.  Well, your brain needs that rest as well.  Over analysis of the plethora of details that come with home buying and selling can stress even the most educated of people.  Peace of mind is more valuable that any commission you will ever pay.

My daughter has a friend that chose to sell her home ‘for sale by owner’.  Like most people, she didn’t realize all the details that came with selling a home.  It wasn’t necessarily the flood of paper work that did her in, though all those legal documents were definitely overwhelming, it was the negotiating with the buyers and their ever changing timelines that really did her in.  The buyers knew this was her first time selling and took advantage of the situation.  For almost four months after reaching an agreement on price there were ever changing deadlines and details, playing on her emotions, constant text messages and e-mails, and using guilt to get what they wanted and to keep her hooked.  Regret is a mild word for how she felt, especially after realizing that she got less out of her home than she should have.

Do your peace of mind a favor, focus on your bottom line and leave the fight to the professional.  The right agent for you will never stop fighting for your best interests.  And remember, if you’re the buyer you don’t pay anything at all to have that professional represent you.  Don’t you deserve someone in your corner fighting for you?





– Sandra S. Sibley, P.A., June 2018