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31 Reasons why your Real Estate Agent is worth their commission. REASON 23:


REASON 23: They also broker.

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What exactly is a broker? The word broker is a noun that describes someone in a lot of different industries. There are mortgage brokers, stock brokers, franchise brokers, insurance brokers, online brokers, and many others. But in the case of Real Estate, ‘brokering’ takes on a different persona, as a verb.

Broker as a verb means that they negotiate or arrange a particular plan, settlement, or deal. Some synonyms are: organize, orchestrate, clinch, work out, and bring about. Notice the word ‘clinch’? If your agent is able to that for you, they’re definitely worth boasting about.

When talking about a Real Estate Broker, this person has elected to continue their education past the standard real-estate-agent level and has passed a state real estate broker licensing exam. This licensing allows the Real Estate Broker to now work as independent agents or have other agents work for them. The biggest distinction among a Real Estate agent/Realtor and a Real Estate Broker is that a broker can work under their own, while an agent has to work under a licensed broker.

When asking any investor who’s agent was able to maneuver and close a multiple offer deal by negotiating terms instead of price….they know exactly who that is.



-Sandra S. Sibley, P.A.,-150,724